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The Goddess Gathering: Women Circle

The Goddess Gathering: Women Circle

Thursday, 26 July. 

A magical and inclusive event focusing on the idea of women supporting women, which will consist of Women Circle, hosted by Anoushka from The Goddess Space. This event will entail visualisation exercises, group meditation, card pulling, intention setting, and a beautiful ritual. A Women Circle is a sacred space for women to come together to connect with their feminine energy and to listen and relate to other women attending, in a safe and intimate setting.

The Women Supporting Women ritual will last one hour and the remaining 30 mins will be dedicated to making connections and meeting the other women attending, over vegan snacks and drinks. This is an ideal opportunity to connect with like minded women and empower one another. A moment to pause, a moment for self love. 

Anoushka Florence created The Goddess Space in London back in 2015. The purpose of The Goddess Space is to create a sacred space to support Women in connecting back to their truth, and each other.

Time: 07:30- 09:00 PM

Address: The Conscious Pop Up, 2 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill, London, W11 1NN

Note: This event is a not profit making event, which means that the cost of tickets will cover the cost of running the event and the transaction fee.