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Intimate Concert with Scott Quinn

Wednesday, 18 July.

Join us for an intimate acoustic concert with the rising London-based artist, Scott Quinn.


‘Scott Quinn is one of those people who simply lives and breathes  music. It’s in every facet of his existence, and always has been- right from those first moments as a child, when he was drawn towards the family turntable. “ It’s always been in my life, whether I was listening or playing,” he explains. “I was always encouraged. If we were interested in anything then we were supposed to do it, and music was just one of them.”

The latest single, ‘From Afar’, positions Quinn, a multi-instrumentalist, next to the likes of contemporary R&B’s bright new hopes like Leo Kalyan, SYML and KNIGHTSTOWN and marks a fresh chapter in his songwriting evolution. The smooth groove fives deep on emotion and is a reflective cut with a soulful edge.


7:30-9:00 PM


The Conscious Pop Up, 2 Blenheim Crescent, Notting HillLondonW11 1NN

Note: This event is a not profit making event, which means that the cost of tickets will cover the cost of making this event possible and the transaction fee.