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The ConsciousTee Business Cycle™

ConsciousTee business cycle

As a sustainable start-up, what you do matters, but how you do what you do matters even more!

If you want to know more about our mission, here’s a throwback to The ConsciousTee Business Cycle™

  1. DESIGN: Every #conscioustee design is unique and hand drawn with love!
  2. CREATE: We only use super soft organic cotton. It is more sustainable because it doesn’t use harmful pesticides and as much water as conventional cotton. It is also more ethical because the farmers that harvest organic cotton are not expose to all of the harmful pesticides of conventional cotton.
  3. PROMOTE: As a sustainable start-up, we care about the environment. Which is why every #conscioustee is made in a factory using green renewable energy from wind and solar power and is printed with eco-friendly water based inks .
  4. SPREAD: The overarching aim of ConsciousTee is to make people feel good and spread good vibes by empowering them through conscious consumer choices!
  5. GIVE BACK: To further promote our beliefs and values, we give back to charities that will help spread our message for a happier, healthier, and more conscious life.

Note: The ConsciousTee Business Cycle™ is copyrighted by ConsciousTee Ltd.